Accused: Vishnu Karkare, was a Hindu refugee sympathizer.  He met Digambar Badge who supplied him with protective chain mail armour he bought to protect him during partition riots. He ran Hindu Mahasabha office in Ahmednegar and the Deccan Guest House where he came to know Madanlal Pahwa, a disgruntled refugee from Pakistan seeking shelter after attacking Muslims at a post-partition riot. Vishnu Karkare and Madanlal Pahwa become friends and Karkare introduces him to the rest of the gang.

Accused: Vishnu Karkare

Accused: Shankar Kistaiya was employed by Digambar Badge, although it is recorded that he was essentially forced into labour by Badge who used intimidation, deceit and threats to keep control over him.  Through this association as Badge’s servant, Shankar was a member of the gang pulled together in the plot to kill Gandhi on January 20, 1948. Largely serving as the group’s servant, the plan was that Shankar would be one of the five to hurl grenades at the scene to cause confusion and chaos immediately after the gunshot was to strike Gandhi at the Birla House prayer meeting, leaving the gang of assassins with an undetectable escape. It was later revealed that Shankar did not even know what Gandhi looked like, nor why they were plotting to kill him.

Accused: Shankar Kistaiya

 Digambar Badge was an Indian Hindu political activist. A member of the Hindu Mahasabha, and a weapons supplier, he was a member of the group that plotted to assassinate Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi. At the trial of Gandhi’s assassins in 1948 and 1949, Badge turned approver and deposed as a prime prosecution witness. It was based on his complete confession of his involvement in the conspiracy that the entire case was solved by the police

Badge testifies against his accomplices

Badge, the approver