Crew Bios

Cinematographer Thomas Hale captures the attention and admiration of Indian tourists in Sarnath

Cinematographer Thomas Hale with Indian tourists in Sarnath


ANAND RAMAYYA (Producer, Director, Writer) is a 2nd generation filmmaker / producer and five time Gemini award winner with more than 50 hours of award winning film and television to his credit. Ramayya is the founder of KarmaFilm, dedicated to supporting diverse, original voices and creating original film and television for the international marketplace. KarmaFilm productions have screened internationally from India to Germany and the USA receiving more than 30 awards for excellence.

KELLY BALON (Producer, Location Audio), a former talent agent and event producer, has been Director of Development & Marketing for KarmaFilm since 2008 and instrumental in the development, financing, production, marketing and sales of several film, television and transmedia productions.

THOMAS HALE (Cinematographer)  is a writer, director and cinematographer. “Who Killed Gandhi?” is his third turn as cinematographer in India, having shot Anand Ramayya’s two previous documentaries, Cosmic Current (2004) and Mad Cow Sacred Cow (2009).

RAJ RAMAYYA (Composer) is an award winning Indo-Canadian Singer/ Composer/ Lyricist and a consistent force on the international music scene best known for his contribution to Anime cult movie “Cowboy Bebop”.

FARHATULLAH BEIG (RESEARCHER/ FIELD PRODUCER)  has worked on numerous documentary projects  for  various international productions pan India for more than 14 years.  Beig’s research for Ramayya’s last film “Mad Cow, Sacred Cow,’’ won the Golden Sheaf award for Best Research for a Documentary.

Ramayya scans archival photos at Savarkar Sadan, Mumbai

Ramayya at Savarkar Sadan, Mumbai